Annual ACE programme for experienced EU producers – NOTE: EXACT DATES TBC

The selected producers begin by taking part in a Development Workshop, which consists of in-depth project analysis with several consultants: one part, intensive work on the script, and another part on a possible financing plan. The objectives of this one-day analysis consist in establishing a development strategy for the project, and defining the future working relationship between ACE and each producer. The rest of the workshop consists mostly of plenary sessions on project and script development and on the basis of film financing. During the Financing Workshop, the selected ACE producers and the 30 or so consultants (sales agents, lawyers, distributors, financiers, script consultants, producers, etc.), are all brought together for a highly interactive and operational working week: presentations, screenings followed by case-studies, pitching of projects, interactive discussions, simulations of financing plans, etc.

Themes include financing and co-production strategies as well as the landscape of the international market place and its evolution. For ACE producers and consultants this working week takes place in an atmosphere highly conducive to exchanging ideas, making contacts and gaining experience.